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Energized & Empowered Woman

 A 4-Month Private Coaching & Personal Training Program for Women Over 40

If you’re ready to finally make yourself a priority so you feel fit, focused, resilient and powerfully YOU it’s time to receive my expert guidance to finally get there.

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A Message From Ramona

Hi There!

I’m so honored to offer this transformative program for women to finally feel like the pieces of themselves are coming together in a powerful way. 

This is a step by step journey to train your body, release what’s been holding you back emotionally for years, strengthen your habits and establish a new beginning with the empowered version of you that is just REAL.

As a fitness trainer, I love how empowering strength training is for women. It literally changes you (not just your shape but hey I’m ok with curvy beautiful muscles too).

Women can feel powerful, youthful and capable at any age with training that’s appropriate to their bodies, which I deeply understand.

However, as a trainer I’ve witnessed how emotional struggles sideline women from their goals and from just appreciating their amazingness.

I knew I wanted to enhance my skills to support women on a deeper level, so I became certified as a Personal Empowerment Coach. 

I was introduced to the Gentle Trauma Release Method shortly thereafter, and this opened my eyes to the broad and far reaching effects of trauma in women’s lives.

This showed up so often as low self esteem, overwhelm, anxiety, procrastination and sabotage for my clients, and other women I cared about.

Knowing I could actually help women to overcome these challenges lit a fire in my belly. This was exciting! 

This was the missing piece for so many women I served, and I jumped on the opportunity to become the first certified Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner in Canada.  

Now I’m offering this unique combination of coaching to help women achieve what they DESIRE in a gentle, progressive and sustainable way.

I want them to feel POWERFUL. In their bodies, hearts and minds. This comes from a gentle transformational approach, not pushing and forcing.

This comes with healing old wounds and coping mechanisms, and connecting to themselves on a deeper level. 

I help women to feel empowered & supported in how they train their bodies, nourish their bodies, maintain healthy boundaries that feel safe, release chronic stress, and have the energy & strength to do whatever the $%& they want!

Here is what your Energized & Empowered Woman Program will look like:

Gentle Trauma Release & Empowerment Coaching biweekly via Zoom.

Overcome old survival patterns and emotions that hold you back or keep you stuck while you discover the beautiful, empowered version of you that shows up.

Strength Training – Virtual.

Receive a personalized virtual training program suited to your body, goals, lifestyle and capabilities.

Mobility training – Virtual.

Receive virtual mobility training for increased confidence in your training and reduced aches & pains.

Habit & Goal Support – Virtual.

Establish routines & & track habits that support your well being and strengthen your self discipline.

Nutritional Coaching Partners-virtual group program & community.

Learn how to fuel your body to support your well being for all the fun you want to have in that beautiful body! Choose supplements that fill the nutritional gaps and support your goals.


Program length: Four months.

Investment: $1967 CAD or 2 payments of $987 CAD or 4 payments of $497 CAD.

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Pay In Full – $1967 CAD

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2 Payments of $987 CAD

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4 Payments of $497 CAD

Enroll now with 4 monthly payments.

Not sure whether this is the right fit for you? Let’s chat.

I want to deeply understand your needs. If this program, or another service I offer is a good fit, I’ll share that with you.

If not, I’ll happily help you to find the right support.

Book a 30-minute discovery call with me by clicking on the button below.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re pretty comfortable as you are & don’t  strongly desire some kind of change in your life.
  • You’re committed to dieting and endless cardio.
  • You’re only comfortable with surface level stuff (like your weight & motivation) vs going a little deeper & allowing healing to take place.
  • You want to keep doing the same things you’ve already tried over and over.
  • You’re looking for shortcuts or hacks.

This program IS for you if:

  • You’re a woman who wants to feel empowered physically, mentally & emotionally.
  • You’re willing to step out of your comfort zone just a little bit.
  • You’re willing to take a different approach than you have in the past.
  • You’re willing to show up for yourself and receive expert guidance, coaching and support all along the way.
  • You know there may be parts of you that need healing, and are willing to explore what comes up so it can be released for good.
  • You want to find a sustainable way to maintain your well being long term.

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