Personal Empowerment Coaching

As a Personal Empowerment Coach, certified through the world renowned S.W.A.T. Institute, I have the training and powerful interventions to guide you up the emotional levels from wherever you are.

What is Personal Empowerment Coaching?


“Through a series of specific questions, processes, meditations, and interventions, exclusive to the S.W.A.T. Institute, we teach our empowerment coaches how to shift their clients into a more empowered place (also known as higher levels of consciousness) where they can look at the same dilemma, challenge, or frustration from a different perspective to make a more empowered decision.

Empowerment Coaching is effective in dealing with any area of life from inner struggles and self-esteem to relationships, parenting, health, wealth, weight loss, and overall feelings of being stuck, unsure, or afraid. The results are often shockingly fast and unparalleled to any other style of coaching.”

from the  S.W.A.T. Institute

Why would you choose Personal Empowerment Coaching?

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, burned out or dissatisfied?

Do you sabotage yourself?

Are you ready to feel more like the creator of your life?

Are your fears holding you back?

Are you running on an endless treadmill that brings no fulfillment?

Is your inner critic a constant companion?

Is perfectionism taking the joy out of your life?

It’s impossible for you to see your challenges from every perspective. A skilled coach will bring a fresh, neutral viewpoint. Rather than offering solutions, you will be coached to rise up to an empowered level and tap into your inner wisdom and resourcefulness. Guidance vs advice.


Your feelings and desires are valid!

Investing in yourself can create massive shifts within you, often in a very short period of time.

Gentle Trauma Release

As the first graduate in Canada with the Gentle Trauma Release Institute, I’m thrilled to support my clients on a deeper level!

Once I started working with coaching clients, I realized how many women’s personal challenges are rooted in some form of trauma. It also became apparent to me how I was affected by trauma! I’m SO grateful for my own healing that has taken place with this program, and I can now support my own clients to experience emotional freedom by releasing the survival response that’s stored in their body from distressing events.

If you find yourself saying “Shouldn’t I be over this by now?”, this may be the coaching solution you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re not sure whether you’re experiencing symptoms from trauma, please book a no-charge discovery call to find out more about this gentle, effective coaching program.

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