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What’s stopped you from consistently training?

As a woman over forty, nothing seems to be made just for you.

You feel lost or uncomfortable at the gym.

You’re super focused on weight loss and get discouraged.

You get stuck and sabotage, making time for everything else first.

It’s either too boring, too hard or a little too easy.

Rigid schedules don’t fit your life.

You need more guidance and accountability.

As a fitness trainer who’s also a Personal Empowerment Coach and Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner, I’m uniquely equipped to help you navigate overwhelm, self doubt, sabotage, perfectionism and emotional resistance. 

Let’s get LIT UP about your body and what you’re capable of!

12 Week Virtual Programs from 297-1497

(payment plans available) 

Customize your ideal program:

Beginner or experienced.

Fully virtual programs on your smartphone or tablet.

Train at home or gym.

Full equipment or minimal equipment.

Personal support and accountability with your coach at your fingertips.

Live stream sessions.

Tutorials and modifications to suit your needs.

Progression and variety so you don’t stagnate or get bored.

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