A Gentle Trauma Assessment for women who feel stuck, overwhelmed and unable to move forward.


    Do you feel like you’re lacking motivation, clarity and focus in your life? 

    Are you unable to live in the moment and fully experience joy, playfulness and emotional intimacy?

    Does your Inner Critic dominate your thoughts, making you feel flawed or even worthless?

    Quite often, the bodily response of trauma can be a root cause of this. Even if you’re completely unaware of it!

    With this private, self-guided assessment you will:

      • Recognize symptoms you’re experiencing that may be associated with trauma and better understand how these events may still be affecting you.
      • Bring new awareness to labels you’re carrying as part of your identity that are trauma-driven.
      • Let go of the feeling like something is wrong with you, so you can finally begin to move forward in life.

    Life is meant to be lived, not just survived!

    After you’ve explored your Gentle Trauma Assessment, I’d be happy to connect with you about how I may support you on your path to newfound emotional freedom and self acceptance.

    About the author.

    Ramona is a passionate coach, dedicated to impacting women’s lives long term by creating powerful shifts in how they nurture their heart, mind, body & soul.

    She is so grateful to offer Gentle Trauma Release coaching to women all over the world. This is often the missing, seemingly magical piece to create lasting change out of struggle and toward true confidence.

    Ramona empowers her clients to build a new, empowered identity as the foundation that supports their goals, desires & dreams.

    Move Forward: A trauma assessment for women who feel stuck, unmotivated and unable to move forward.

    A Gentle Trauma Assessment for women who feel stuck, overwhelmed and unable to move forward.

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