The first step to emotional empowerment is AWARENESS. If you’re running on autopilot, the same issues like your weight, career stagnation, money problems, personal drama or burnout will just keep repeating.

About the author.

As a midlife woman entrepreneur, I’ve experienced many struggles you may relate to!

Now my passion is to shift women into their own greatness. This is my genius. As a Personal Empowerment Coach, Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner, Fitness Trainer and Health Coach, I bring my skills to work for my clients with joy, compassion and understanding.


Are you thinking?

  • You’re not good enough
  • What you do is not good enough
  • You feel stuck and numb
  • You’re Afraid?
  • You’re Angry?

If you’re stuck, resisting, feel like an impostor or sabotaging in SOME area of your life, I can help you identify the reasons BEHIND THESE EMOTIONS!


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